My journey to health, fitness and clean eating

My background is in Marketing. I studied it for both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. I loved it whilst I was studying it but the office life was never for me. As I was studying for my Master’s degree I started working at Holland and Barrett for a couple of years which sparked my interest in health, fitness and clean eating. This slowly led me to a yoga studio which was situated five minutes away from where I worked. This is when the seed of passion for yoga was first sown, and I was hooked, instantly!


My Passion For Yoga

I attended each and every single class and found myself practicing every day. Once my Master’s was over, I continued on at Holland and Barrett for a while until I decided to leave Malta for half a year to travel around India and Indonesia. All the while my love for yoga was continually growing as it became an integral part of my life. It was in Bali that I found my way into my first yoga teacher training in Vinyasa yoga. The whole travelling experience was a beautiful one and led me down a completely different path in life. Upon my return, I immediately started teaching yoga and haven’t stopped since. A year later I travelled to India again for a couple of months to further my studies in yoga, this time to train in Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. I now dedicate most of my time to being a yoga guide. I like to create a space where students feel comfortable to choose whatever they feel is right for their body.

Nourishing the Body and Soul

When I’m not teaching yoga, I make cakes and chocolate! I focus a lot on the raw, vegan kind but I also enjoy baking the traditional way. Regardless of what I am making, I always try my best to source good quality ingredients, ones that I can trace back to the source. I’ve had a passion for food preparation ever since I was a child, especially the sweet kind, but this really came to life when I spent a lot of my time working at The Grassy Hopper. This passion eventually developed into the creation of Theobroma, a chocolate shop in Valletta.I learned a lot and really got the chance to develop my skills in relation to making sweets and confections which I now do from home. I also grow some vegetables and herbs in my small home garden and have two chickens which provide me with fresh eggs daily. This is pretty much a reflection of how I want to live life. I am a big believer in trying to do all we can to ensure our lifestyle is clean, healthy and sustainable, and we can start by doing the best with what we have. I feel that yoga, wholesome food, tending to a small garden and being close to animals are good for the soul and can work wonders in connecting us to our life’s purpose.