Active Circuit is a fun, high intensity circuit training class designed to help you build a toned, lean body, improve your overall strength, lose weight, and most importantly feel vitalised and incredible! Circuit training is performed in intervals of ‘work’ and ‘rest’ time where you’re constantly moving quickly from one exercise to another. Apart from keeping things exciting this helps your mind remain ‘in the zone’, so you’re fully focused, and your heart rate remains high and pumping. The result of all this is a high metabolic rate for hours and hours after the session which means that you’ll be burning fat even while you’re lounging on the sofa or sitting at your desk!

Each and every class has a different format which makes things exciting and challenging since you’ll never know what to expect. Your body will never get lazy or accustomed to the training because the training stimulus is constantly changing and this means you get results from every single session! We also use a range of functional training gear such as sandbags, battle ropes, kettlebells, medicine balls and slam balls which are fun and also great tools for building strength.

This class is suitable whether you’ve been training for a while or whether you’re just starting out. You don’t need to be already fit to join – Isn’t the whole point of training to get fit!? Each participant works at their own pace and at an intensity that is appropriate for them. We are all individuals with different needs and goals, so what works for you might not necessarily work for someone else, and this is completely catered for in our classes. You’ll still be highly motivated by your trainer and the others to push your limits bit by bit, every single time.

We also pride ourselves with our attention to detail and small groups. You’ll learn how to exercise properly, use your core to support you in every single thing that you do and also learn optimal breathing strategies, making sure you get the most out of each and every workout, and also ensuring that you don’t get injured in the process. It’s basically just like having your very own personal trainer, but also having training buddies to workout with too! Please remember to bring a bottle of water and a towel.

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Unlimited Monthly Pass

Our unlimited monthly pass entitles you to one month of a limitless number of classes of your choice.


Five Class Pass

Entitles you to 5 high intensity classes. These classes are to be used within 6 weeks from the sale date.


Single Class Pass

Entitles you to one high intensity class. This class is to be used within 1 month from the sale date.




In each active circuit session we work on every muscle group which is great because you leave knowing that you got a full body workout! Angele truly understands how the body works and the best way to burn calories and makes sure that each session is true to this. I love how every time I turn up for class I never know what to expect! The way Angele makes use of the outdoors during the sessions is what I love the most :). Angele is a super motivating trainer who always has her clients’ best interest at heart. My husband recently started joining us and it’s usually quite difficult to motivate him, but with her help he actually looks forward to classes now! The Active Spirit App is great and makes booking classes super easy and convenient. I love how she has made attending classes so accessible and easy.

Sarah K

A year after I had my baby, I had still not lost most of the weight I gained and was feeling quite low. I saw Active Spirit on facebook and decided to give it a shot. Angele encouraged me to adapt to a healthy lifestyle and I started attending her circuit classes. Even with a full class she gives you individual attention depending on your own needs. I always hated physical exercise, but her classes are always different and fun, working out the whole body. I attend three times a week, and rain or shine I try not to miss them for anything! I always leave feeling great! and…I finally managed to fit in to my pre pregnancy clothes! Thanks Angele

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