Developing a love for fitness

My love for sports started as a toddler through gymnastics and developed further to other sports such as swimming, tennis, trampolining and horse riding . I continued to practice gymnastics up until the age of sixteen, and it was then that I discovered my passion for the competitive world of bodybuilding. My life took a turn at that point. This is when I decided to no longer continue my studies in Law and instead I decided to enrol onto a Master Trainer Course. 

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After completing my full personal training course with EPTI I knew that I wanted to work in smaller studios that are really client focused. I was lucky enough to learn from some top trainers which changed my whole experience and brightened my journey as a Personal Trainer. Along side of being a full time trainer I was training to compete in Bodybuilding Shows representing Malta. My competitive journey started in 2014 and ended successfully in October 2017, having done over 20 international shows, placing top 6 in the most prestigious shows in Europe. I decided to end my career as a competitive bodybuilder so that I am able to live a more balanced lifestyle and after some time of leaving that world I can say I am much healthier, happier and full of energy.  

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passion, inspiration & interest

Having worked with some trainers that focus on functional body weight movements was a real inspiration for my work with clients. Coming from a background of bodybuilding introducing functional movements that will improve your overall performance was a game changer. I honestly believe in having a mix of training styles, such strength, flexibility, power, balance, agility, high intensity and so on. Being able to move our bodies more freely is imperative due to many of our lifestyles being at a desk for most of the day. Through a variety of experience, I am keen to educate my clients in being more aware of their body and their movements with challenging and varied workouts.