I grew up with an active lifestyle and was always keen on trying different extra curricular activities such as dance, tennis, swimming, gymnastics and even spring board diving. So when I became a physiotherapy student I immediately saw how I could connect my love for movement with physiotherapy and became a Pilates instructor the same year I graduated.


The first course I went to took place in London in 2010. Shortly afterwards I left Malta to travel the world as a SCUBA diving instructor but did not forget about Pilates and continued to study in Melbourne. On returning to Malta I again went to London and also participated in courses in Malta to further my skills. I am now trained in beginner to advanced Pilates, Pilates for scoliosis, ante- and post-natal Pilates and ‘reformer on the mat’ Pilates.

I have been teaching Pilates in gyms for nearly 4 years now but also use Pilates for rehabilitation in all sorts of patients, from those with back and neck pain to amputee rehabilitation. Over the years I have developed an interest in biomechanics and still believe that Pilates is key to any lifestyle. I have although come to realise that Pilates is much more than just movement.

Firstly, there’s the understanding of the way the body works – why is Pilates so important? Why do we need to build our foundation and strengthen our core? Secondly, how do we do this? How do we learn to connect our brains to the correct muscles? How do we keep improving on this and challenging our bodies? Lastly, how do we take what we learn in class to our everyday lives and fully reap the benefits of Pilates? These are the things I aim to teach in every single class so that Pilates becomes a lifelong learning experience.