Passion for fitness

I found my passion for fitness in my early 20’s, training because I loved the way it made me feel.

Whilst working in a busy London gym as a receptionist I wondered how I could be the one helping those members to better their fitness and lifestyle habits which led me to qualify as a gym instructor. Hours spent on the gym floor with clients from all different training backgrounds gave me a solid foundation to help them reach their goals.

Personalized Workouts | Active Spirit


Alongside fitness my other love is travelling, so after 2 years in the gym I decided to leave to travel and live in different countries, finally settling 10 years later in Malta.

Here I re-studied my fitness qualification from scratch, it had been some time!! I qualified as a Master personal trainer which included kettlebells, Suspension training and bootcamps. It was those additional courses which cemented my decision to not go back to a big gym but rather take my sessions outdoors in this beautiful country.

Love for community

I love classes for the group atmosphere, everyone in it together type vibe. That sense of a fitness community is why I love Active Spirit and am so happy to be there instructing the amazing group Angele has created!