Developing a love for fitness

Coming from Australia where we pride ourselves on outdoor living, healthy eating and fitness, I was very quickly introduced to dance, acrobatics, and athletics at a very young age. In doing so I developed the love of physical activity and witnessed the strength and capabilities our bodies can achieve. Having dance training 6 days a week, competitions, school sports and dance eisteddfods, I got used to being physically active at a young age, and I thrived on it.


Overcoming Obstacles towards a healthier life

Unfortunately, as a teenager I developed an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise. Finding myself using exercise and physical activity no longer for enjoyment but as punishment for the food I ate. After seeking professional advice, I immersed myself into research and learning about fitness and nutrition, in turn I slowly regained my confidence, and developed a better understanding that its not just about how you look but also about how you feel. As a result I no longer saw food as the enemy but instead as essential fuel for our bodies and exercise not as a chore but as something that I truly I love. After 10+ years of dancing and athletics I hung up my shoes, still making exercise and healthy eating a priority in my life.

At 21 I landed myself a job as an International Flight Attendant. Whilst working abroad for 5 years I had the opportunity to travel the world, meet amazing people and meet my husband (David) which lead me to my new life here in Malta and now a part of the beautiful Active Spirit team. With my weight fluctuating during these 5 years due to unforgiving shift work, time zones, and altitudes, I put all that I learnt into action. Incorporating and introducing High Intensity Interval Training and weights into my workouts I saw my body become stronger, healthier and I loved it.

Taking the leap

Finally after all these years of extensive research, learning, education and the encouragement from my husband, I finally took the leap and in January 2016 I began to train friends and freelance in Dubai and Australia whenever I had the chance. It took one session with a friend of mine to validate that this is what I am meant to do.

My focus is to help my clients to achieve a better understanding of a healthy lifestyle, get stronger, leaner and reach their fitness goals. 

It is my aim that with each class and personal training session my workouts are varied, fun, powerful and satisfying. I am very passionate about healthy living, balance and believe that falling in love with taking care of yourselves is the greatest love you’ll ever have.