Nadia Camilleri’s yoga JOURNEY

Blissfulness, transformation, gratitude, harmony, groundedness. These are all experiences I felt through my yogic journey. Having gone from a state of anxiety and feeling lost to finding myself, accepting all that the universe had to offer me and changing that into something beautiful, I can truly say I’ve experienced the benefits that come with practicing yoga.

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I began my practice in 2013, combining a series of asana and meditation sessions with numerous workshops and retreats. Over the years, I was increasingly able to delve deep into myself to uncover, layer by layer, the physical, mental and emotional challenges that I held within myself, and which I didn’t know were there. I experienced the healing nature brought through self-reflection, mindful practice, openness to experience, and being present both on and off the mat and in time I began to experience more emotional stability, mental peace, physical well-being, universal awareness, long-lost flexibility and strength, will-power to chase my dreams and the inevitable rediscovery of my true self. It is these transformative experiences that gradually inspired me to share the magic borne out of yoga practice with others. So 3.5 years later, I travelled to Rishikesh, India where I completed my Yoga Alliance Registered 200 hour teacher training in Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga. Since then, I have returned to Malta where I began teaching Hatha Yoga, focusing on the steady flow between postures while emphasising the connection of breath with movement, the stillness that comes with the style, openness and self-awareness. I have also completed a kids’ yoga teacher training course with the renowned Cayetana Rodenas from Spain and I hope to continue my journey of teaching and learning through reading, self-practice, new courses and most of all, through my contact with my students – my best teachers.