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Core Education & Nutrition


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Highly recommended when attending Baby On Board, Early Days Mom or Active Momma

This one-to-one education session is highly recommended and also suitable for ANY woman. Whether you’ve never had kids, or are already on your first, second or third, taking care of your core should be equally important. In this session you’ll be taught some basic core anatomy, and how the breath drives activity in the core. You’ll be given tools to learn how to breathe properly using your diaphragm, so that your core is constantly stimulated and working – as it should!

You’ll also be given the tools to change breathing and lifting habits which you perform during your everyday life and which put unnecessary pressure on your core. This is important because too much pressure on the core can lead to back pain, weak abdominals and pelvic floor and hence issues such as incontinence.

In this session we’ll also discuss the pelvic floor in detail, and go through ways in which to keep it strong and healthy for life, and also some exercises which you could do if it needs strengthening, especially during pregnancy and after giving birth. By applying these tips to your lifestyle, you will be empowered to avoid pelvic floor issues and discomforts.

Optimal nutrition is an important part of healthy living and wellbeing, even more so if you’re pregnant or recovering from childbirth. In this session we’ll speak about optimal nutrition and lifestyle habits for weight loss, and deep inside out recovery to help you get into shape and be the healthiest version of yourself!

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Price – €60 per hour

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Personal Training


Class Description

Training in a group setting is great fun and really motivating, but if you’d rather train by yourself with proper and expert guidance, then Leah Camenzuli will be more than happy to help you reach your goals! Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build more muscle and hence strength, or just get moving to clear your mind and take care of yourself, then these sessions will definitely help you get on the right track.

Active Spirit is a high-end private studio with cool functional training equipment so your sessions will be constantly varied, fun and challenging. Training sessions will be tailored 100% to your specific needs, to help you reach your goals.

Price – €50 per hour

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Private Group Training


Class Description

Want to train with your closest buddies? At Active Spirit you can! Leah will create challenging, fun and effective workouts for you and your buds. The studio is fully kitted out with plenty of cool functional training equipment that will keep your workouts diverse and always so much fun! No matter what your goals are, Leah will guide you on the right track to reach them!

Price – €50 per hour

1 hour sessions:
€25 each for 2 ppl
€20 each for 3+ ppl
Minimum charge per session €50

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