Angele Satariano Active Spirit Online workouts

The Active Spirit online workouts are all created and designed by me, Angele Satariano. They’ve been specifically crafted to improve your overall fitness by helping you build strength, muscle, endurance and power. More importantly, they’ll leave you with that incredible post-workout feel, and prepare you for anything life throws at you!

I’ve done plenty of these workouts myself and so have my clients in the Active Spirit gym. We’ve all seen amazing results and that’s why I’m so keen to share them with you!

You can do these workouts from home or in the gym! The video demo, countdown timer and voice instructions will guide you every step of the way, so that you’re never lost and can nail each and every interval!

Click on the workout to check the workout duration and list of equipment needed (if any), so that you can be ready and prep everything before starting.

Browse by level (beginner, intermediate or advanced) or by workout type (strength or cardio). Wherever you are in your fitness journey and whatever your workout preference, I’ve got you covered 😉

Let’s get you in your best shape ever! Happy sweating ⚡️


Guess what makes you strong and gives you a toned look – MUSCLE! Guess what gives you muscle – STRENGTH workouts! Having more muscle in your body is important for fat burning too. The more muscle you have, the more you burn, even when sitting in front of the TV! Strength also ensures you’re able to carry those heavy shopping bags to your car or up the stairs! Sounds great doesn’t it? Let’s get you strong 💪🏻👇🏻


In this section you’ll find high intensity workouts designed to get your heart rate up, make you sweaty and feel the full body burn! They’re brilliant for building strength and improving your overall fitness, whilst also helping you to shed fat and get in your best shape ever.

Most of these workouts are bodyweight, but I love changing things up so you’ll come across some sessions using equipment too!


The beginner workouts are perfect if you’re just starting your fitness journey and also if you’re returning back to training after taking some time out. The workouts have little impact, longer rest times and exercises which aren’t too advanced or complex. This will help you to focus and master the basics before moving on to harder, faster workouts.


The intermediate workouts are suitable for you if you’ve been training for some time and are ready to take your fitness to the next level. These workouts have more impact, are sometimes longer, have shorter rest times, and slightly more complex exercises.


The advanced workouts are for you if you’ve been training for some time and have a good fitness level. These workouts could have plenty of impact (especially the cardio ones!), shorter rest times, complex exercises and sometimes will be longer than the intermediate/beginner.