My early childhood experiences

I’m happy to say that my childhood was all fun and games, I started gymnastics at the age of 5 until I was around 15. I then had a very hectic teenage life and occupied myself around going out. I never really paid any attention to myself during this time.

My first job was in the world of catering. I loved being with people and using my work as a service to customers, making sure they all left with a smile.

I then traveled and started opening my eyes to other options in life, then coming back to Malta I felt I wanted to work with children seeing as I always connected naturally with them. That’s when I started working in a daycare center, Giggles in 2011. This is where I then landed a job that changed my life in many ways. I became a personal nanny to three little beans. This job helped me to find some stability. I began to notice which life values I wanted to follow and how I needed to ground myself.


Becoming the best version of myself

I was seeking help and this is when two close friends of mine took me to a yoga class. I knew that if I wanted to be more centered, I needed to be more in touch with myself. So I kept on following those steps and realized I wanted to share all this with people who struggle through the same hard times. The moment I got onto the mat 6 years ago and practiced my first session there was an inner spark that wanted me to keep thriving through yoga and keep heading to be the best version of myself. I kept up my practice and then dove deeper into it when I left to Holland to move with the same family who’s kids I nannied. Whilst practicing yoga and looking after the kids I often dreamed of combining my two passions together as I thought of how helpful it would have been to have lessons from the practice of yoga from a young age.

Teaching Yoga

I then came back to Malta and went back into catering, taking on a managerial role at The Grassy Hopper. This helped me combine a healthy lifestyle with my yoga practice. I soon realised that keeping up my yoga practice really helped me share the lessons I learnt through yoga with my employees and the difference it made to our team. This was when it was clear to me that I also wanted to teach adult yoga. I took the opportunity to get my teacher training 200hr in hatha yoga in Rishikesh India in January 2016. In November 2016, I went to London to complete my teacher training for children with yogabeez. This gave me the tools I needed to take on my dreams and focus fully on teaching yoga to both adults and kids and going back to looking after kiddies. This is when Yogi Beans started 🙂