About the class

Ease your way back into your fitness routine after the weekend! In this class you’ll be guided through a mobility warm-up routine before moving on to the main session. The exercises involved in this class are low impact and designed to incorporate mobility, time under tension, mind-body connection, control and core strength. All of this so you can build a supple but strong foundation and help you become more body-aware.

The class is varied week-on-week and isn’t necessarily slow-paced! You’ll use bodyweight, dumbbells and kettlebells, and build a stronger, fitter body with improved technique and movement mechanics.

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Stretch Workout
Team Fitness
Kickstarter Fitness Routine
Kettlebell Fitness

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If this is your first time attending an Active Spirit Fitness Class please fill out our health form to make sure you’re getting the most out of our classes! Kindly read our policies so that you and the rest of the team can have the best experience possible.