We urge you to read our policies prior to booking classes. This will ensure that both you and other participants have the best Active Spirit experience possible.

How to book

All class bookings need to be made online, either from the website or from the Active Spirit app. See how to use the app below.


The booking window for each class closes 2hrs before the class starts in order to allow us time to plan.


Cancellations must be made AT LEAST 12 hours before the class starts.


If the above cancellation windows are not respected the class will be automatically deducted from your balance and will not be refunded.


Cancellations are to be made not less than 24hrs before the scheduled session. Full payment is due for late cancellations and no shows.


There are no penalties for late cancellations or no-shows. We kindly ask you to still respect the policy to give others a chance to take your slot if you cannot make it.


The Monthly Memberships are valid for one calendar month and begin on the date of purchase. The quarterly memberships are valid for 3 calendar months and begin on date of purchase. Memberships cannot be paused or ‘frozen’ under any circumstances.

For memberships with weekly limits: The week starts on day of purchase and ends 6 days later. If you buy your membership on Wednesday, Wednesday is your first day and your week ends on Tuesday at 00:00. You next week starts on Wednesday at 00:01, etc.

Single classes are valid for 30 days, the 5 Class Pass is valid for 2 months and the 10 class pass is valid for 4 months. They all begin on the date of purchase and cannot be paused or ‘frozen’ under any circumstances.

Memberships/passes can only be used by the purchaser and cannot be transferred to others.


The class timetable will be updated from time to time. Classes may be removed and added and class times may change at our discretion.


We always do our utmost to include everyone who wishes to join our sessions. If the session is full, we suggest that you join the waitlist. That way we will know that you wish to attend and do our very best to accommodate you.

See waitlist instructions below.

How to book from Active Spirit app

Download the app on Google Play Store or App Store.

Create your account or log in.

Click on Active Spirit logo and then on ‘Schedule’ tab

Fitness App

Scroll to the class you wish to attend and click ‘Book’.

Fitness App

You will be shown the various pricing options available for that type of class. Choose the one you would like, read the details and scroll down to the card payment section.

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Canceling a class

On the homepage, you’ll see your upcoming classes.

Click the class you want to cancel, then click ‘Cancel this booking’.

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Waiting list

If the class is full you’ll be given the option to join the waitlist.

Choose the pricing option you wish to use or go straight to ‘Join waitlist’ to book with a single class pass option.

You will not be charged until you are added in from the waitlist. You’ll receive an email notifying that you are on the waitlist.

Download Fitness App

While on the waitlist you’ll see the a notice on your booked class.

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If you want to leave the waitlist, simply click the class, and choose ‘Leave waitlist’.

If you are added into the class from the waitlist you will receive an email notification, and also an SMS notification. If you happen to not receive either of these, you will notice that the above wording indicating that you were on the waitlist, has now been removed.

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