Baby on board

These highly specialised classes will keep you active, strong, mobile and healthy throughout your pregnancy, with focus on core awareness and connection.

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early Days mum

Post-natal recovery program for right after your 6-8 week check-up. We’ll guide you through deep healing which is so important at this time. Baby is welcome to join.

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active mama

Varied, fun fitness classes of circuit-style training adapted by our expert trainers. Join if you’re a fully recovered mum or still working on some post-natal issues. Your baby is welcome to join you.

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Which class is best for you?

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Mother-focused Exercises

Baby on board

specialised functional fitness during pregnancy

The focus of these sessions is to prepare you for real life as a mother! You will learn and build strength via functional exercises while also mobilising areas that get tight and painful during pregnancy. Our expert trainers will provide you with in-depth knowledge about your core and how to keep it safe and strong during pregnancy and beyond.

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early days mum

restoring, rebuilding and returning to movement

After your baby has arrived earth-side, looking after yourself through deep postnatal healing is of utmost importance. We will guide you through all the necessary steps, whilst giving you valuable knowledge and tools which will stay with you forever. All of this helping to build a strong foundation on which you can proceed to higher impact and intensity exercise with no pain or symptoms. These classes provide a welcoming community space to embark on this journey together.

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Workout Routine for Mothers
Core Strength Training for Mums

Active mama

embrace strength and ability through exercise

Are you feeling ready to take things back up a notch? Fully (or almost fully) recovered mothers can come and enjoy a more intensely paced class, based around circuit training with other mothers. This stage of the Active Mums journey is just as exciting, with exercises targeted to your stage and level and explanation at every juncture. Babies are welcome too!

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Personal core education

Correct awareness and understanding of your core goes beyond training your abdominals. It gives you an intensive, thorough grasp on how a functioning and supportive core is vital to a woman’s well-being throughout all ages and stages in life. By equipping yourself with this knowledge, you will be able to enjoy all activities and age gracefully. This is a one time session.

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Core Fitness

Which class is right for me?

Please take our quiz on the Active Spirit Mums page to find out!

What is the class duration?

Each class is 60mins.

Where are the classes held?

At the Active Spirit studio in Ibrag, very close to the church.

I’m a complete beginner, are the classes suitable for me?

Yes they are. The classes are all adapted to your individual situation and needs, and exercises will be kept gentle and simple for the start so that you can learn the technique and build up from there.

I have diastasis recti, are these classes good for me?

Yes, our trainers are specialists in guiding women to heal diastasis recti, with the guidance of your women’s health physiotherapist. All sessions will be adapted to cater for the diastasis and help you work towards healing it.

How do I book classes?

You can book classes directly through this website or through the Active Spirit app, downloadable from the App Store or Google Play Store. The booking window for each class opens 1 week in advance. No bookings can be made prior to this time frame. The booking window for each class closes 2hrs before the class starts in order to allow us time to plan.

Please see our Studio Policies for full step-by-step instructions.

Can I try a class before committing?

Baby On Board and Active Mama: Yes. Simply choose the single class option at check out.

Early Days Mum: This is sold as a package of 8 classes only as it is a highly specialised post-natal package and 8 sessions are needed to gain the full benefits of it.

How do I cancel my place?

Cancellations must be made AT LEAST 12 hours before the class starts.

For class passes and monthly/quarterly memberships with weekly limits: If the above cancellation windows are not respected the class will be automatically deducted from your balance and will not be refunded.

For personal training and private group training: Cancellations are to be made not less than 24hrs before the scheduled session. Full payment is due for late cancellations and no-shows.

For Unlimited memberships: There are no penalties for late cancellations or no-shows. We kindly ask you to still respect the policy to give others a chance to take your slot if you cannot make it.

Please see our Studio Policies for full step-by-step instructions.

How does the waitlist work?

We always do our utmost to include everyone who wishes to join our sessions. If the session is full, we suggest that you join the waitlist. That way we will know that you wish to attend and do our very best to accommodate you.

Please see instructions on how to join the waitlist.

Validity and time frames for Active Spirit Mums pricing options

Baby on Board: Single class – 3 months – starts on date of purchase.

Baby On Board: 5 class pack – 3 months – starts on date of purchase.

Early Days Mum: 8 class pack valid for 8 weeks – starts on date of purchase.

Active Mama: See Validity and Time Frames on our Studio Policies page.

Are packages available for these classes?

Yes, there are different options depending on the class you’re attending. Please see our prices on the class pages for Baby On Board, Early Days Mum, and Active Mama.

Which classes can I bring my baby to?

Early Days Mum and Active Mama. We highly suggest trying to come alone so that you can spend the time focusing on yourself, but we allow babies to come along because we understand that finding help isn’t always possible.

We want to keep Baby On Board classes as a ‘Zen’ place to give mums a child-free space before their baby arrives.

How old does my child have to be to come to class with me?

Any age! Toddlers will need more attention from you since they’re active! But we try keep them entertained with toys and a playpen.

What does my baby do while I train?

Either stays in pram and sleeps/watches or they can stay in the playpen if old enough.

Can I join pregnancy classes if I never trained before?

If you’re having a normal pregnancy without complications and have clearance from your doctor to exercise, yes you can! We adapt the classes to your individual situation and needs and will make sure to introduce you to exercise slowly and gently.

Are these pregnancy classes Pilates and/or yoga?

No, they are functional training classes meaning that the exercises involve movements such as squatting, lunging, bending over, pushing and pulling – all designed to be similar to, and prepare you for, movements you make in your everyday life.

How much are the Baby On Board (pregnancy) classes?

A single class costs €16, while the 5 class pass costs €70.

How much are the Early Days Mum classes?

Available as a complete course, the 8 class pass costs €160.

What's included in the Early Days Mum package?

  • Eight highly specialised classes of 60mins each.
  • Education about your core and tools to help you heal it after birth + introduction of gentle exercise in each session.
  • Homework to complete after each session and accessible online.

How much are the Active Mama classes?

These classes come under the same pricing structure as our studio classes. Please see full details on our Membership and Class Pass pages.


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