About the class

A circuit-style class in which you’ll get to use all the fun toys including TRX, barbells, plyometric boxes and so much more! This class aims to build full-body strength through functional exercises. This means that you will learn how to move in a way that can (and should!) be applied to scenarios you meet in your everyday life.

This learning will, in turn, help you to be more efficient and remain pain and injury free. Functional training also involves working on different aspects of fitness, including strength, power, endurance, coordination and balance.

Weightlifting Instructor Malta

In addition, you’ll join others in a fun and relaxed environment where there’s no judgement whatsoever. You can work out at your own pace and at the intensity that suits you.

The set-up and timing intervals of the class will challenge you and create a metabolic effect in your body, meaning you’ll be training at the right intensity to release fat-burning hormones, even after the class is over.


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