My early childhood experiences

I was introduced to sports as a kid, when my parents enrolled me into athletics at age 9 (I’m so thankful they did that!). I trained and competed for 5 years till I was 14, and progressed from coming last in every single race, to winning the road running league cadets category in 2000 and also being the fastest 600m and 1200m cadet runner at the time. To my regret, I decided to quit athletics after those 5 years.

I quickly went from skinny, fast kid to chubby, lazy teenager. At 17 I met a man (who is now my husband ☺) and turned my life around. I lost 7kg over 9 months and integrated sports and healthy eating into my lifestyle. I’ve never looked back since. Over the years fitness and running became a huge passion of mine and I couldn’t go through a single day without a dose of exercise. Friends and colleagues had even started to approach me for some nutrition and fitness tips!

Angele Satariano | Active Spirit

Fitness and personal training

In July 2014, after studying ACCA and working at KPMG for 8 years, I finally plucked up the courage to follow my dream of opening up my own business. And that’s when Active Spirit was born.

In October 2014 I studied at Premier Training International in London and qualified with a Level 3 Diploma in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training. In January 2015 I returned to London to complete an Award in Designing Pre and Post-natal Exercise Programmes. This first taster of pre and post natal exercise intrigued me so much that I was desperate to go deeper into the subject. That’s when I found Burrell Education and qualified with two advanced certifications.

Passion, inspiration & interest

Women’s health has become a huge passion of mine as it gives me great satisfaction to be able to serve women in some of the most challenging and important phases of their lives. There’s a huge lack of education and so much misinformation on the internet and in the fitness industry with regards to pre and post natal health and fitness that I’m determined to make a difference by deeply educating women about their bodies, so that they’ll be empowered to take care of themselves while still keeping fit during these challenging phases.

To be able to further serve women I undertook two advanced courses with Burrell Eduaction:

– Advanced CPD in modern post natal assessment, core restore & functional exercise programming
– Advanced CPD in modern pregnancy functional exercise programming & birth preparation

I’m currently also in the process of completing two other certifications: Optimal Nutrition for Post Natal Recovery and Healing, and 3rd Age Women.

Unleashing my competitive edge

With the birth of Active Spirit I’ve also returned back to competitive running! My typical weekly training schedule includes 2 track speed sessions, recovery runs every day and sometimes with a morning and evening session, and some gym work 3 times a week.

My current personal best times are:

1500m – 4min 49s
3000m – 10min 31s
5000m – 18min 30s
10000m – 38min 22s
Half Marathon – 1hr 26min 22s

I’ve represented Malta in the European and World Mountain Running Championships in 2016 and 2017 and also ran the 1500m at the European Team Championships that were held in Malta in June 2017.