Written by Angele Satariano

There’s no need for alarm 🚨 Diastasis recti (AKA abdominal separation) is simply an increased distance between the two sides of your ‘six pack’, caused by the stretching of the line alba (your midline) and abdominal muscles during pregnancy.⁠
There’s no tearing involved whatsoever and this increased inter-recti distance is actually vital to create space in your abdomen for your baby to grow.⁠

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Diastasis recti will reduce function in your core and needs to be healed and taken care of to restore your core to its full functionality ✨⁠⠀

Remember that diastasic recti is a normal part of the pregnancy/post natal journey and with the right kind of core rehab, lifestyle habits and exercise, it can be healed 💛⁠

Throughout the month of September we’re focusing on Diastasis Recti and will be giving out tips on how to take care of your core, exercise ideas and more.

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