Written by Angele Satariano.

Exercise demos by Leah Camenzuli

(Always get clearance from your doctor before starting a new exercise routine)

If you’re having a normal pregnancy without complications, it is highly recommended to keep active throughout the trimesters. Studies have shown that exercising during pregnancy is beneficial for both mum and baby 🙂

Adding cardio into your workouts will help you maintain cardiovascular fitness and prepare for labour. It’s also a great way to work up a sweat, boosting your mood and making you feel confident!

Hereunder are three cardio exercises using a step that you can include in your training circuits 💪🏻 These exercises will add some fun and sweat to your training!

We’ve offered a completely low impact version of each exercise together with a version that includes a gentle hop. Choose the version that feels comfortable for you. If you decide to opt for the variation that includes the gentle hop, ensure that you always control the downward phase of the movement. This means that you’ll land extremely softly i.e. don’t lock your knees upon landing and don’t stamp your feet. If you feel that you cannot control the hop, then remove it.

To make sure that you’re working at the right intensity, use the ‘talk test’. If you’re exercising to a point that you cannot talk because you’re too out of breath, then you need to slow down or stop and take a rest.

At Active Spirit we offer a range of fitness classes that cater for all fitness levels. The classes are designed to help you strengthen your whole body and improve your cardiovascular fitness. Check out our class timetable and also do not hesitate to contact us if you need any fitness tips or have any questions!

We also have specialised pre-natal and post-natal fitness classes to keep you fit, strong and healthy during these delicate life phases.

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