Written by Angele Satariano.

I think everyone would agree that stretching out the chest leaves you feeling so good! We tend to spend a lot of time sitting at our laptops or hunching over our phones and this ‘hunched over’ posture will make our pectoral muscles tight.

Chest stretches are particularly beneficial for pregnant women and mums. Pregnancy causes postural changes such as enlarging of the breasts, which inevitably will tighten the pectoral muscles. New mums also spend many hours per day breastfeeding which can also cause tightening of the chest muscles. Ideally, try and be more aware of your posture and try and keep your chest open and lifted. If you’re breastfeeding, try propping the baby up on pillows to bring him up to you, as opposed to you arching your back to reach him.

Whether you’ve got a sedentary job, are pregnant or a new mum, doing these chest stretches everyday (whilst also being aware of your posture) will be sure to leave you feeling great. Spread the love and share with a friend who needs this!

TrX Chest Stretch

Strap Chest Stretch

Wall Chest Stretch

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